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for Mobile Sensor Data-to-Knowledge

手机改国外代理服务器-分享,让我走进你的生活:2021-6-3 · 小雪是国外免费服务器代理服务器冬天的服务器第二个节气,“小雪”表示降雪的服务器起始时间和移动网代理电信服务器失败程度。进入“小雪”节气后,气温会越来越低,直接表现就是国外免费服务器代理服务器气温逐步降到零摄氏度以下。

MD2K Center of Excellence
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MD2K's population-scale data analysis and visualzation tool to enable marker development and validation


MD2K's open-source software suite for high-frequency mobile sensor data collection

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MD2K brings together the top minds in Computer Science, Engineering, Medicine, Behavioral Science, Statistics, and more

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MD2K Scholar Earns Early Tenure Position

Congratulations to Prof. Moushumi Sharmin on being awarded early tenure at Western Washington University. We are glad that during her two years as a postdoc with MD2K, she discovered new research directions in mHealth and new expertise in mobile sensor big data. The MD2K Center is very proud of her success.


MD2K Researchers Launch App for Personal Tracking of Social Distancing


mContain: Get the app at www.mcontain.org or by using this direct link on your Android device (iOS version coming soon)

Researchers at the MD2K Center of Excellence, headquartered at the University of Memphis, announce the launch of a free mobile app called mContain to help track social distancing during the COVID-19 outbreak with a goal to reduce community transmission.

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Try out the Personal Edition of MD2K's mobile-sensor big-data software platform. You can collect and analyze your own data, as well as making your own meaningful software contributions. The MD2K software includes a smartphone platform called mCerebrum and a cloud counterpart called Cerebral Cortex.

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MD2K Software
Personal Edition
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mHealthHub is a virtual forum where technologists, researchers and clinicians connect, learn, share, and innovate on mHealth tools to transform healthcare. The mHealthHub collaboratory offers a “watering hole” where its members can make connections across disciplinary silos, access content curated by mHealth thought leaders, participate in MD2K’s training program, learn about funding opportunities for mHealth research and products, and more!

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We always welcome new contributions in any form including:

• Bug reports (JIRA) regarding the software, documentation, website, etc.
• Code patches and new features
• Documentation improvements, tutorials, examples

Check out our Contributing Guidelines for more information.

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Software Contributors

Copyright © 2020 MD2K. MD2K is supported by the National Institutes of Health Big Data to Knowledge Initiative 在线代理服务器免费网页版
Team: Cornell Tech, GA Tech, Harvard, U. Memphis, Northwestern, Ohio State, UCLA, UCSD, UCSF, UMass, U. Michigan, U. Utah, WVU

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